The Book

Layton Brooks stood in the doorway of his man cave. Years ago, he’d playfully posted a commercial Keep Out sign on the door. However, a mischievous nine-year-old had scratched through it with a big red X. With large letters, she’d carefully printed, Come on In.

Now the little girl was grown and away at college. However, the invitation stood. Inside, friends and family had taken their places around the imposing trophy case on the back wall between two windows. The glass shelves contained memories that would outlive him.

On the top shelves stood his most prized possessions. Each trophy had been engraved with a person’s name, date, and quality he or she represented. He’d presented the trophies in person or, in one case, in absentia. These heroes of faith had been his spiritual mentors. People such as Myra Norwell, who demonstrated peace in her illness. How about Brianne’s endurance when she’d received a similar diagnosis?