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Hi! Welcome to the newsletter of Betty J Hassler, author of A Beam of Hope and A Stash of Faith. Both were published in 2022 by WestBow Press and are available at this site: https://www.bettyjhassler.com. Just click Buy the Books.

If you are curious about how the Trophies of Grace series got its start, click About This Series. Perhaps you’re interested in the series’s name. Click on Introduction to Book 1. For a peek at the first chapters of each book, click Excerpts. My final suggestion is to find out why I started writing my first book while in elementary school. Click About Me.

Of course, I’d love to have you contact me. I really, really want to read your review. A truthful, heartfelt review—even if I might have to take a few gulps of air afterward. I’m always looking to improve my writing style and content. Your suggestions, as a reader, are invaluable.

Recently, I had the opportunity to present the first book of the series, A Beam of Hope, to my church library at First Baptist Church Pensacola. I asked a few friends to attend the presentation. The first to receive it was Associate Pastor Peter Burmeister, who prayed with me and for me. The second was our wonderful church librarian, Amanda Cameron, whose husband just happens to be our very talented minister of traditional worship. Amanda is quite the musician herself, but she’s also a bookworm (and a perceptive critic). Also, my husband, Sim, read scriptures aloud as I spoke.

I intend to have another presentation for the second book, A Stash of Faith. Meanwhile, I’m working on book 3, A Glimpse of Mercy. It’s a labor of love, since these fictional characters—all from intergenerational families living in Nashville, TN—are real to me! I hope they will become part of your extended fictional families as well.

Looking forward to your feedback!


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